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What is Concierge Medicine?
How is CMS Different? What is Integrative Holistic Medicine?

The physicians and staff of Concierge Medical Services would like to thank our patients for giving us the opportunity to build relationships, improve quality care, and enjoy invaluable time together as partners in health care since the opening of our practice in April, 2006. This journey has been possible only because of the relationships that have been established. At CMS there is a unique bond between patient, physician, staff, and families/caregivers often not found in traditional medical practices.

We believe that CMS offers:
"Modern Medicine...Old Fashioned Values"


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Our Patients

CMS - Availability & Accessibility

Availability & Accessibility
"Dr. Gerstman has always been available at any time..."

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Our Doctors

Dr. Badolato has been practicing family medicine in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania since 1978. He has special interests and experience focused on healthcare models of quality patient care. [more]

Dr. Gerstman has been practicing family medicine in Fort Washington since 1981. He graduated from the UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School where he was a leader at the Student Family Health Care Clinic. [more]

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